7 Benefits to Being Organized and Make More Money


7 Benefits to Being Organized!

Before I learned these 7 little gems, this was a common scenario for me:

On a daily basis, I would walk past my desk at the accounting firm that I used to work at and see a stack of paperwork, binders, sticky notes, pens, pencils, highlighters for when I completed reconciliations, and somewhere my phone charger was underneath the piles of paperwork and notes.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, read on and find out how I was able to organize my desk and keep it organized, which helped increase my productivity as a result. I have since taken what I learned back then and translated it into my own business. Because of that, my productivity has remained high, which means more revenue because of more billable hours.

Here’s what being organized means:

1. It Saves You Time!

As business owners and entrepreneurs, time is our most important commodity. If you have paperwork and documentation properly organized in a specific location, you won’t have to drive yourself nuts trying to remember where everything is. That proposal that you spent hours on will be exactly where you left it and instead of having sticky notes everywhere, you will have everything you need documented and filed for ease of use. When you have systems in place that are tried, tested, and true, you will spend your time doing what everyone wants: reducing your stress and earning more revenue.

2. You Remove Stress!

Even though we aren’t able to get rid of all of the stress in our lives, being organized in the daily execution of your business will free your mind. This allows you to focus on projects and clients by removing the distraction of frantically searching for what you need to complete the job that they hired you to do. Having things organized and keeping them easy to find will relieve you of stress and ensure that you are working at an optimal level of productivity. This will also mean your revenue will increase (you will note this common theme throughout the article).

3. Your Creativity Will Soar!

When individuals work under pressure, their creativity is the first thing to go. In an environment that is unorganized and cluttered, the stress of lost or difficulttofind documents instantly short-circuits our creativity. Having an organized space fosters a state of calm that allows solutions to problems to surface and opens our creative minds to new possibilities. The more creative we are, the better we are able to produce work for our clients that will set us apart from other businesses with similar service offerings. This will mean –you guessed it — more revenue.

4. Everything Can Be Easily Located!

Professional organizers agree that having a “home” for all of the items you use most is one of the easiest and most effective systems for organization. Wouldn’t it be easier to find your keys, for example, if you always left them in a specific spot when you got home every day?

5. You Will Never Miss a Deadline!

Failing to meet a deadline will hurt your reputation with clients and prospective clients. It demonstrates a lack of professionalism and of course, a lack of organization. Missing a deadline will also hamper cash flow,which is the life blood of your business.

6. Your Office Will Look Less Cluttered!

Retaining mounds of paper, books, and other items “just in case” is not a good idea. Streamline to just keeping (and organizing) the things that are necessary and get rid of the rest. If you are attached to certain items and can’t even think of parting with them, find another home for them rather than your workstation. When clients walk into your office, they get a first impression of you. Wouldn’t you rather that impression be, “Here’s a very organized office, this person must be good at what they do,” as opposed to, “WOW! Where do I sit? How is this person going to help me if they are so disorganized?”

7. You Will Make More Money!!!!!

I almost guarantee that caught your attention, didn’t it? In all honesty, we are all in business to make money and time lost because of not being organized is money lost. We should all have a goal to operate our businesses with the utmost efficiency. Anything that is going to take away from that goal requires immediate attention and action.

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Which would you rather?

THIS                                                            or…   THIS

One of the above will make you money and the other will cost you money.

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